The Cat's Pyjamas - Panel - Blue
The Cat's Pyjamas - Panel - Blue

The Cat's Pyjamas - Panel - Blue

$9.99 Per Panel
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  • Description:After a bubble bath and some serious teeth brushing, Kitty and Milo are in their pyjamas and ready for bed. The Cat’s Pyjamas collection was inspired by designer Jodie Carleton's crazy love of animals and in particular her own two slightly odd-ball cats. Full of colour and fun, The Cat’s Pyjamas is designed to help you create beautiful quilts, bags and fun home décor items. This panel features Kitty & Milo stuffed animals as well as Kitty's dressing gown. Instructions are printed on the panel.
  • Print Size:Panel is approximately 44" x 24". Kitty is approximately 18" tall and Milo is approximately 8" long.
  • Fabric Content:100% Cotton
  • Fabric Width:44/45"
  • Designer:Jodie Carleton
  • Brand:Ella Blue
  • SKU:TE5010B

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