We ship all packages via USPS.  Shipping has gotten quite complex nowadays - the cost to ship depends on location, package weight, and package size.  Our flat rate estimates are usually very close to the actual amount charged by USPS.

$6.45 flat rate for purchases $25 or less (approximately 2 yards of fabric)

$8.45 flat rate for purchases over $25 (approximately 3 to 8 yards of fabric)

FREE shipping for purchases $100 or more


We use USPS or Global Post, whichever is least expensive.  Since it is very hard to estimate accurately, we refund any overage you may pay for shipping.  You will only pay the actual shipping cost and we will choose the least expensive carrier unless you specify a preference.

Shipping varies by country.  If you are unable to complete your purchase because your country has not yet been added to our website, email me and I will set up the shipping for your location.  Appreciate your patience!