Purrl the Cat - Panel
Purrl the Cat - Panel

Purrl the Cat - Panel

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  • Description:Hidden away from the dull, gray world where everything seems so serious and ordinary is the wonderful world of Susybee and her friends. Meet Purrl the Cat, one of Susybee's new friends. This fabric features Purrl in a panel design. Yellow floral border.
  • Print Size:Panel measures approximately 35" x 44" and includes 9 blocks. Large center block measures approximately 16" x 22" and there are two narrow blocks along the center panel that measure approximately 3" x 22". Along the top and bottom of the panel are three blocks that measures approximately 6" x 6.75" and 6" x 10.75".
  • Fabric Content:100% Cotton
  • Fabric Width:44"
  • Brand:Susybee Textiles
  • SKU: SB20246-820

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