Fleece is so easy to work with and so purrfect for creating soft and comfy items for your cats or for yourself.  Make a comfy throw, cat bed, cat mat, pillow, or even a jacket.  The possibilities are endless!  Due to the large size of fleece prints, our minimum cut for all fleece is 1/2 yard.

There are different types of fleece:

Anti-Pill - This fleece has been brushed for softness and has been designed to reduce pilling.  Great for beginners and easy to sew and work with.  Machine wash cold on normal cycle, tumble dry low heat.

Blizzard Fleece - This fleece is brushed for softness and may feel smoother than Anti-Pill fleece.  Great for beginners and easy to sew and work with.  Machine wash cold on normal cycle, tumble dry low heat.

Luxe Fleece  - This fleece is brushed for softness, is designed to reduce pilling, and has a microfinish for extra softness and luxury.  It is heavier weight then Anti-Pill and Blizzard fleece.

Minky - Minky is a knit, hypo-allergenic fabric with a plush fur-like texture.  It has an ultra-soft feel but is also quite durable and can be machine-washed on the gentle cycle and can be dried in the dryer on low or no heat.   Minky is available in a range of weights and pile heights, and quality varies depending on the brand.  Cuddle is the very high-quality brand of Minky produced by Shannon Fabrics.

Sherpa - Sherpa fleece is a warm, durable, knit fabric that mimics the bumpy texture of sheep's wool.  It gets its name from the clothing worn by the Sherpa people of Nepal that are made of wool.  Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, low or no heat in the dryer.
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