Flannel - Trefle Cats - Red
Flannel - Trefle Cats - Red

Flannel - Trefle Cats - Red

$11.99 Per Yard
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  • Description:This cuddly flannel from Kokka, features rows of white, pink, and black kitties on a red background. I can see this flannel used for all sorts of projects - flannel pants, cat beds, throws, and more!
  • Print Size:Cats are approximately 1" tall.
  • Fabric Content:100% Cotton Flannel
  • Fabric Width:43/44"
  • Brand:Kokka
  • SKU: KOKP-41000-101-C
  • Fabric Ordering Instructions:

    Minimum Cut is 1/4 Yard.
    Enter 0.25 for 1/4 yd, Enter 0.50 for 1/2 yd, Enter 0.75 for 3/4 yd, Enter 1.00 for 1 yd, and so on.

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