End of Bolt Piece - Sleeping Giants - 8"
End of Bolt Piece - Sleeping Giants - 8'

End of Bolt Piece - Sleeping Giants - 8"

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  • Think your house cat naps a lot? Well, the big cats are the real pros when it comes to sleeping! Male lions spend 18 to 20 hours a day snoozing, while the females get 15 to 18 hours. The lionesses spend more time hunting and taking care of cubs, which is why they get slightly less sleep (of course - lol!!). Following a large meal, lions may even sleep up to 24 hours—talk about a catnap! This info comes from the National Sleep Foundation. For more info on the sleep habits of cats, check out their website at www.sleep.org.

    This fabric features a collage of the sleeping giants - lions, tigers, leopards. cheetahs. Yawn!

  • Print Size:Cat faces are approximately 1.5" to 3.5" across.
  • Fabric Content:100% Cotton
  • Fabric Length:8"
  • Fabric Width:44/45"
  • Designer:Michael Searle
  • Brand:Timeless Treasures
  • SKU:C3967-NAT-EOB8

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