Cat-i-tude - Panel - Black
Cat-i-tude - Panel - Black

Cat-i-tude - Panel - Black

$10.99 Per Panel
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  • Description:Just imagine your favorite feline, with an elegant coat sprinkled with gold. No wonder she has cat-i-tude - she’s simply beautiful! This collection by Ann Lauer is exquisitely painted in rich colors and the details on these prints are extraordinary, just like the cats that inspired them!
  • Print Size:Panel measures approximately 24" x 44" and includes 6 blocks per panel. Each block is approximately 10" x 9.75".
  • Fabric Content:100% Cotton
  • Fabric Width:44/45"
  • Designer:Ann Lauer
  • Brand:Benartex
  • SKU:4200MB-12

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