Beach Selfies - Panel - Cream
Beach Selfies - Panel - Cream

Beach Selfies - Panel - Cream

$9.99 Per Panel
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  • Description:Howard Robinson has been described as the artistic master of adorable animals, both wild and tame, that brim with personality, the kind that makes a person smile. His Beach Selfies collection proves this point! These kittens and pups are absolutely adorable with their sun hats, sunglasses, and floral accents. Gotta make you smile! Cream borders.
  • Print Size:Panel measures approximately 44" x 23.5" and includes 3 rows of 5 blocks for a total of 15 blocks per panel. Each cat block is approximately 5.75" x 5.75", not including areas where the design extends beyond the border of the block.
  • Fabric Content:100% Cotton
  • Fabric Width:44/45"
  • Designer:Howard Robinson
  • Brand:Elizabeth's Studio
  • SKU:1326-Cream

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