Backyard Pals - Panel - Green
Backyard Pals - Panel - Green

Backyard Pals - Panel - Green

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  • Kaye England wants you to meet some of her Backyard Pals – the newest addition to her 1930’s-inspired Back Porch Prints - collections designed for the nursery. This panel features vintage-look kitties cooking, cleaning, doing the housework. Green alphabet background.

    If you are purchasing more than one of this panel, please let us know how you would like it cut below.

  • Print Size:Panel measures approximately 44" x 25" and includes 4 rows of 7 blocks for a total of 28 blocks per panel. Each block measures approximately 5.25" square.
  • Fabric Content:100% Cotton
  • Fabric Width:44/45" Wide
  • Designer:Kaye England
  • Brand:Wilmington Prints
  • SKU:1803-98593-714
  • Matching Mettler Thread:Coming soon

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