Shipping & Returns

Shipping Methods and Rates

Feline Drive uses the USPS for all shipping.  Shipping is based on the dollar amount of your order and is a very close estimate of the actual shipping cost based on weight.  Shipping charges are as follows:

$0.01 to $12.00 = $2.95

$12.01 to 20.00 = $3.95

$20.01 to 30.00 = $4.95

$30.01 to $80.00 = $5.95

$80.01 to $100.00 = $6.95

$100.01 to $125.00 = $7.95

$125.01 to $150.00 = $8.95

$150.01 to $$175.00 = $9.95

$175.01 to $200.00 = $10.95

$200.01 and more = FREE

International Shipping

Feline Drive is happy to ship worldwide.  I can fit approximately 8 yards of fabric (or about 5 yards of flannel) into a flat rate priority envelope.  Larger orders ship in medium or large flat rate boxes, which are tracked from the US to the country of delivery, insured, and must have a signature upon delivery.  I highly recommend using insured boxes for shipments to countries where theft is prevalent.  You have the most experience with your own country, so I depend on your judgement when choosing shipping methods.  I cannot replace or refund shipments that have not been insured.  Customers are responsible for any customs fees or taxes.   

In most cases the website will overestimate international shipping.  Please feel free to email me for a better shipping estimate.  I will definitely refund any overpayment of shipping and I always try to ship the most economical way!

The website will in most cases estimate shipping based on priority mail, however, I can often ship using first class international mail which is less expensive.  USPS does have rather complicated rules for first class international shipping.  The package must weigh less than 4 pounds, must fit into an envelope no bigger than 12 x 15 inches, must be of uniform thickness no more than 3/4 inch, and cannot be rigid, that is, it must be bendable (like a stack of fabric).  I can usually fit about 4 yards of fabric (not flannel or fleece) into these specifications.  I try very hard to ship using first class international instead of priority mail to save you money and will refund overpayment of shipping you may have paid.  

If you place your order and no shipping is shown, that means your country has to be added to our database.  Just drop me an email before you check out, or place your order and I will invoice you for the shipping amount.


To return an item, notify me by email as soon as possible. I will accept a return up to 14 days after the item was delivered to you, so please get in touch within that time period. 

If the return is due to my mistake, such as sending you the wrong item, or making a substantial error in the item description (such as giving the wrong size or color), I will refund the total cost of the item, including initial shipping and return shipping. If the item was part of a larger order with multiple items, the shipping portion for the return item will be calculated and refunded. In some cases,when the exact weight and shipping cost is known, I will be able to send you a prepaid shipping mailer for your item. Otherwise you will have to mail the item back to me (using the cheapest shipping, please) and I will then add that amount to your refund. 

If the return is for any reason other than a mistake on my part, like you just changed your mind, or you thought you were getting something else because you didn't read the whole item description (and don't we do all do that sometimes!), then return shipping is your responsibility, and I will refund the cost of the item but not any of the shipping in either direction. 

If you are shipping the item to me, please send it to: Cindy Coleman, Feline Drive, 327 McKay Road, Henryville, PA 18332. 

For all returns, I am sure you will understand that I cannot refund an item that is not in the same condition as when you received it: 

For fabrics, that means it cannot have been cut, torn, soiled, or laundered, and cannot smell of strong odors such as perfumes or cigarettes. If your cat sat on it and donated a little fur, that's ok, but no hairballs please! 

Due to copyright restrictions, books, magazines, and patterns are NOT returnable/refundable, unless I sent you the wrong item.