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Above, from left to right, Honeycat, Darla, and Peanut

Welcome to Feline Drive!


                    ROAR!!!   Big Cats Are Here!

Feline Drive is now stocking big cat fabrics and patterns - lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs, and more! Oh My!

Feline Drive supports the domestic cat, but afterall, our housecats have a lot in common with their bigger relatives.   Did you know that with the exception of lions, tigers, leopards, and cougars, all cats can purr?

Big or small, cats share some distinctive anatomical features and behaviors.   If you have ever been licked by a cat you know their tongues contain tiny rough barbs that make them perfect for grooming, and all cats are fastidious groomers.   All cats stalk, slink, pounce, ambush, hunt, and play.  All cats' ears can rotate, making it possible to locate their prey accurately from quite a distance.  And whiskers, or "vibrissae", help all cats navigate through small places.   Like house cats, the big cats also enjoy 16 to 20 hours of snoozing per day, preferably stretched out in a nice sunny place!

You can find the big cat fabrics in its own section called Wild Cat Fabrics!

How to Use This Website

Fabric is sold by the 1/4 yard. Enter the number of quarter yards you would like in the Quantity box and you will receive one continuous piece of fabric. For example, if you would like 1 yard of fabric, enter 4 in the quantity box and you will receive a one-yard cut of fabric.

If you are like me, I think about the cost of fabric in terms of one yard, not by the quarter yard! So I have included the price per yard for each fabric. Just click on the thumbnail photo or item name and you'll go to the product detail page where you can see the price per yard.

When you enter your quantity, be sure the number you enter is less than or equal to the amount in stock.

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